040 – Paranormal Bouquet – I’m Censoring You

040 – Paranormal Bouquet – I’m Censoring You

(Note: I wrote a huge long article and blogger didn’t save it, so I had to rush through and rewrite what I wrote previously from memory, hope you enjoy).

What do you think people from the 1920’s would think if they found out that in the 2020’s Noize and Ambient music was the popular music? The music that the kids were bopping their heads to? No!? Well, ok maybe it hasn’t come that far yet…. But a guy can dream cant he?
I think we have reached a point in history (don’t you?) where we are running out of notes, running out of chords. How many more C chords can be strummed? How many guitar notes played and beats heard? And herein is where we enter the world of noise music – or non-music. That is, it is music in the sense that we combine apparently random noises and paste them together in song. 

That along with my interest in an X-Files type of world – Paranormal Bouquet is a quote from the X-Files where Mulder said to Scully something along the lines of “what do you think the aliens are just going to leave us a Paranormal Bouquet?”. No, Not Likely. But I leave you this a Paranormal Bouquet of non-music influenced by Creepy Mulder.

The collection of noise begins with two epics Fuck You, I’m Censoring You (Part 1) and You Have No Speech (You may see a theme running here) clocking in at 13 minutes and 22 minutes respectively – the two tracks lay the groundwork for the dark atmospheric world of that Paranormal Bouquet and display some of the main qualities of that collage work of non-music. 
The following 3 tracks, though shorter, clocking in at 3 – (Fuck You, I’m Censoring You (Part. 2)), 4 (Your Skin Stings) and 5 (I Dont Like You Today And I Probably Wont Like You Tommorow) minutes – are brief glimpses into this alternate universe of mind and space and of the non-music pasticherie – that is, the layers that form the cake of ambient noize. 

The album ends with the 17 minute War Is Upon Us – which can be played either as war anthem or as an example of what it might feel like to have your remains shot into space and floating for centuries to come.

We hope you enjoy the music of Creepy Mulder! Cheers.

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039 – Mindvoid – G.M.M.F.V.

 039 – Mindvoid – G.M.M.F.V.

And yet again…. the prolific Mindvoid graces Tongue & Groove Records WA with his presence, embodied on his newest release G.M.M.F.V. 

Though he is never short of material, as is evidenced by his discography, each release does stand on its own and especially this one which plays as quite a progression from his last few. 

G.M.M.F.V. taken as a whole shows Mindvoid evolving quite emphatically or perhaps growing naturally. Either way the new release plays a bit different, though very good. 

The first of three is Untitled – a glorious piece featuring distorted electronics interspersed with Russian? Ukranian? dialogue that conjures up the twisted tales of a Philip K. Dick book. The 9 minute piece passes quick with solid production and enticing audial imagery, again reminiscence of some sort of distorted spy novel. Additionally scattered among the ruins of the electronics is unholy bass guitar solo which momentarily creates the feeling of a classic rock song.

The feature track G.M.M.F.V. or “Get Me Money For Vodka” is a return to conventional Mindvoid (whatever that means?). Its a brooding, piercing track that though it lasts only 5 minutes, is a pretty grave 5 minutes – one you can be easily lost among. 

The final track, also Untitled, is buzzing track, cryptic and futuristic. It tells of bad omens? or past failures? Future possibilities? Or lost persons? The choice is yours, the world is Mindvoid. Untitled, of course, leaves use wanting more with its despondent finality, but im sure, soon enough, Mindvoid will provide that more.

1. [Untitled]

2. Give Me Money For Vodka

3. [Untitled]

Mindvoid DISCOGSMindvoid CONTACTMindvoid – G.M.M.F.V. BANDCAMPMindvoid – G.M.M.F.V. SoundcloudMindvoid – G.M.M.F.V. DISCOGSMindvoid/Paranormal Bouquet Split BANDCAMP
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038 – Jared/Hilrant – Stuck In Conclusion [EP] 7″ Vinyl

 038 – Jared/Hilrant – Stuck In Conclusion [EP] 7″ Vinyl

After 8 long years we finally have a vinyl release!!! Jared/Hilrant – Stuck In Conclusion [EP] is the first official vinyl release on Tongue & Groove Records WA. 

The record features 3 classic Jared/Hilrant songs including the Paul Tilley classic Fringe Benefits and the psychedelic undressing that is The Colours In Flux on Side A. Side B features the extended piece Thief originally from the Stuck In Conclusion full length album. 

The 7″ record comes on clear vinyl and was produced by Rob Courtney of Little Elephant Custom Vinyl out of Toledo, Ohio. 

The songs were mixed and mastered by Jason Suko of South Sound Sound Studios in Olympia, Wa. 
The records are individually printed for distribution so please send an email to JaredJEstes@gmail.com or Hilrant@btinternet.com for your copy!All music and lyrics by Hilrant and JaredJEstes Music, all rights reserved

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037 – Mindvoid/Paranormal Bouquet SPLIT

037 – Mindvoid/Paranormal Bouquet SPLIT 

Tongue & Groove Records WA is happy to welcome Mindvoid, a dark ambient/noise/post industrial project from the mysterious urban area of Kharkov, Ukraine where he has been creating disturbing sounds since 2007.

The Mindvoid/Paranormal Bouquet split begins with the three part saga Chat With Unt. 1-3 by Mindvoid. Chat With Unt. 1 conjures images of a dark and dystopic future and with the melodic echoing of unintelligible voices in the background you can’t help but to imagine the potentially psychotic scenes of a dysfunctional mental institute.

With Chat With Unt. 2 things transform from the disturbed to the abstract. Playing almost like a Noise party track Mindvoid continues with the melodic echoing of voices in the background but instead this time, provides a more gleaming sort of ambiance that is bright and piercing in its enthusiasm. 

These two styles, of the dark and disturbed and the gleaming and piercing come clashing together on Chat With Unt. 3, which is a particularly disorienting piece. On Chat With Ella (Live), Mindvoid is able to capture all of the same imagery as on his studio recordings, only with a much more raw and authentic recording. 

On Paranormal Bouquet’s end of the split, Paranormal Bouquet returns with Criollos, a minute bolt of technological destruction that plays as the fluff to the 14 minute epic And All Are Abnormal In This Volition – where we retyrn to the sort of psychotic imagery began on the album opener Chat With Unt. 1 

Out now on Tongue & Groove Records WA! Email us for your free copy of the CDR!

1) Chat With Unt. 1 2) Chat With Unt. 2 3) Chat With Unt. 3 4) Chat With Ella (Live) 5) Criollos 6) And All Are Abnormal In This Volition
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036 – Jared “Doc” Estes – The Diamond Jeweler [EP]

036 – Jared “Doc” Estes – The Diamond Jeweler [EP]

Jared Doc Estes - The Diamond Jeweler FRONT COVERJared Doc Estes - The Diamond Jeweler BACK COVER









Jared “Doc” Estes returns with The Diamond Jeweler [EP] – a collection of four special cuts that I have originally wrote back in 2014 that I never quite felt fit in on any full length Doc album.

I am ecstatic to return with harmonica on one of the tunes of my own that I am most proud of Sing Your Masterpiece, done in my trademark style: fast bluegrass guitar and some wild harmonica. Sing Your Masterpiece is a tribute to the artistic process.

On the second track Fateful Day things get a little darker. You’ll have to keep in mind, these lyrics just come to me… Lol. Fateful Day is the story a man who has found he is the pawn of the devil, a fate it appears he accepts. On Fateful Day I continue with the wild harmonica but try to tone back the speedy Doc guitars.

White Noise is a more traditional Doc tune folkish/punkish guitar with bona fide lyrics. Finally, the album ends with Fire, one the original Doc songs I wrote that finally finds its place on the extended play – The Diamond Jeweler [EP].

(1) Sing Your Masterpiece
(2) Fateful Day
(3) White Noise
(4) Fire

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035 – Insomnia Cafe Vol. 3: Tales From The Volcanic Tongue

035 – Insomnia Cafe Vol. 3: Tales From The Volcanic Tongue


X amount of years later we have Insomnia Cafe Vol. 3, my baby…. The center project, arguably of Tongue & Groove Records WA. Insomnia Cafe exemplifies everything that we want to do with Tongue & Groove Records WA (I have probably said that a million times)…. That is, Insomnia Cafe is the Tongue & Groove Records WA sound.
Vol. 3, we hope, officially synthesizes that Tongue & Groove sound; A sound influenced by the psychedelic lengthiness of Pink Floyd and the unpredictable guitar influence and comedic wanderings of Frank Zappa as well as our fellow T&G travelers, HilrantTillyRiddleHeli Puhakka, etc…
The five songs on Tales From The Volcanic Tongue insolently pay tribute to the aforementioned artists, on track 1 especially so. Tales From The Volcanic Tongue Pt. 1-3 begins with an extended jam and traverses through three major sections of the imagination. With guitar in the spotlight as usual, the song is likely the longest song on T&G yet, clocking in at just over 19 minutes.
Violet//Violate is a stoner rock tease and as is evidenced here as is throughout the album, there are no lyrics on Insomnia Cafe Vol. 3… Vol. 3 is an instrumental expedition, often led by guitar, always psychedelic, Heavy on the delay.
The album as a whole explore the “lighter side” of Insomnia Cafe. Not meant to be taken too seriously, the album plays as a sort of Television musical rock comedy, or at least that’s the idea. A little raunchy, a little wacky, and a whole lot of experimentation and psychedelia.
The final piece Tales From The Volcanic Tongue Pt. 4-7 is a piece long in the works and plays a sort of psychotic and and sometimes perverted look into a musical mind: wild, unpredictable and musically haughty. Mine? I’m unsure.

034 – Chaucer – With New Zealand Eyes [EP]

Chaucer - With New Zealand Eyes Front Cover Final

Chaucer - With New Zealand Eyes Back Cover Final

Chaucer is my collaboration with Australian and fellow instrumentalist Jochen Kalinna, known for sharing his musical prowess with us on an earlier T & G Release – Heli Puhakka’s – Someone Else’s Destiny EP.
On With New Zealand Eyes, an apparently unconnected title that came to me in a dream, I am for the first time free of all instrument obligations. Or more accurately, Jochen is responsible for all of the instruments found herein, minus vocals and lyrics – a responsibility he accomplishes with relative ease, from the heavy punk rocker leads of September 2014 to the bluesy and melancholy guitars of Pass Me By and 1000 Locusts.
The album starts out particularly heavy with the heavy punk rock of September 2014 a song that devolves into an amazing psychedelic tournament between Jochen and himself on guitar and drums, respectively. Things get more serious on Pass Me By, where Jochen continues to delight us with his guitar licks.
Il Tropo is a particularly beautiful and calming instrumental from the genius of Jochen that bridges the two sections of the album. On 1000 Locusts we return to the dark and brooding blues found on Pass Me By.
Finally, the album closes with a remix of the song The Phantom, The Phantom (New Zealand Remix), is a heavy psychedelic tune originally released by Elephant Colored Rocks on the album Elephant Colored Rocks 2 [EP] and on which I play bass & guitar and sing the vocals. On the remix Jochen took it through the churner and revamped it and I added a couple other surprises to make it a unique and remixed version of the original tune.

T&G033 – The Secret Vanilla – Re-Release + Bonus Tracks



About 15 years ago I acquired a Boss BR-900CD digital recording studio device. At the time, I had no idea what gold I had. I took it for granted that I could so easily create fairly polished songs and overdub with relative ease. For whatever reason, I did not hold on to the digital recording studio for long. But this, The Secret Vanilla, is a remnant of that early age of recording for me.

Not every track found on The Secret Vanilla was necessarily recorded on the Boss digital recording studio, although most are… but the songs are all from that era. That is, the beginning era of Tongue & Groove Records WA.

The songs that make up The Secret Vanilla were being created when I was at just the initial stages of forming my ideas, the name and the logo for Tongue & Groove Records WA. That’s why this release is so important. It stands as a testament to what I wanted to do musically with Tongue & Groove Records WA and what inspired me to make Tongue & Groove Records WA. Weird noodlings, psychedelic guitars, experiment-ism, folk songs, comedy rock everything that was The Secret Vanilla and has essentially morphed into Insomnia Cafe.

Strawberry Lime is a three part song that was my first trial with the Boss-900. With just a simple, one mic drum recording and a DI bass recording I was able to get that full Bass N’ Drum sound you hear on the song. The results being quite trippy and I think, successful.

Nylon & Chenille is the kind of stuff I wanted to make when I first got the Boss-900 and… Hopefully, if there is ever another Secret Vanilla release I can continue the kind of experimental noodling began on Nylon & Chenille.

Other pieces like Girl and Terrible Terry II were some of the more straightforward ‘songs’ not meant to be taken too seriously that really represent what The Secret Vanilla is.

Now, one thing has to be pointed out. The Secret Vanilla is… SECRET. So, keep it a secret. This is not music to be necessarily shared. This is a private and personal experience into the noodles of your brain. Or… not.

The Secret Vanilla + Bonus Tracks

1. Strawberry, Lime I
2. Nylon & Chenille
3. Terrible Terry II
4. Abdul Rahim Al-sharqawi
5. Song For Bruce
6. Strictly Noise
7. Strawberry, Lime II
8. Girl
9. Ava Lanche [Bonus Track]
10. Strawberry, Lime III
11. Emerald Flowers
12. Chinese Water Torture
13. Mustafa al-Hawsawi
14. My Name Is Nobody [Bonus Track]

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T&G032 – Winter Plague [EP]

BRAND NEW RELEASE on Tongue & Groove Records WA – Lo-fi black metal type stuff from WINTER PLAGUE –


“Tongue & Groove Records WA is happy to present the first release and EP Cd of Winter Plague. Winter Plague is a one man Lo-Fi metal band influenced by other lo-fi black metal artists and some bigger names like Forgotten Woods, Striborg and Carpathian Forest.

This doesn’t quite fit in with anything we ha
ve release yet on Tongue & Groove Records WA. But that is good. And, it’s not expected you will like this release. But, that also, is good. Winter Plague is not so much expected to be like as it is experienced.
Lo-fi black metal is the barest of all metals. Raw, never properly recorded. Guttoral. Just the purest of black and evil. This is nearer to how satan would sound. Not with orchestral like singing and double bass drums but raw and uncut.
The first EP and release from Winter Plague clocks in at just 10 minutes. 10 minutes of evil and hate. And truthfully, I have always believed that releasing your hatred and anger, emotions that are truly natural… Truly human and truly animal… is the sanest thing you can do. Bottling them up will only create more hatred and ultimately more pain. Anger is as much a part of you as Happiness, Hate as much as love. It’s whether you choose to acknowledge this part of you, or just bottle it up. Let it out and you are free of it. Hold it in and it boils, you suffer and it becomes more and more a part of you.
I think in the brief but piercing 10 minutes that Winter Plague provides you can hear this. It is both an acknowledgement and shedding of all that is evil and hateful. You can very much do this in the purely raw and uncut way found here.
The first track Hermit starts with a tremolo bass line and speaks to the Hermit in us all with it’s violent vocals. The longest song on the EP it’s sound can be psychedelic at times. Icy Past, Icy Future is a fast number meant to explore all that is winter and it does so by piercing right through you. This Is What It’s Like is the slow and brooding number on the record. Very psychedelic, very horrific, very brooding. The album closes with W.A.T.E.R. and epitaph of sorts that weirdly enough fits in nicely with the album.
All instruments are performed by Winter Plague. All lyrics and music copyright Winter Plague, all rights reserved. T&G032 – Winter Plague is a product of Tongue & Groove Records WA.”



Check out the T&G review for Hilrant’s (Paul Tilley‘s) newest RELEASE – TA-BOO!!!
“I hope It’s sunny on the day that I die! Day that I die, day that I die”. 

“You’re just a loser, a substance abuser… you could’ve been cool man, now you’re not even human”

Contact Hilrant for your own CD copy of TA-BOO! – RELEASE BY SMARMY LARMY PRODUCTIONS

Hilrant – TA-BOO!

1) Good Morning Mister Magpie
2) Bagman Brood
3) What Kind Of Friend?
4) A Beautiful Spot
5) I Saw The Devil
6) Jared
7) Silence Speaks
8) Uncle Donald
9) Love Will Find A Way
10) Oh Mister Wasp
11) Nobody’s Home
12) Looking For You
13) Baby Please!
14) Freaks And Whores
15) Suicide Tenderly
16) Jesus
17) The Great Director

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