029 – Byl zamechen… – It Just Gets Worse

Byl zamechen…. – It Just Gets Worse

byl-zamechen-it-just-gets-worse-front-cover    byl-zamechen-it-just-gets-worse-back-cover

Happy 2017! T&G RETURNS. Enter Byl zamechen… – A rough phonetic translation of the Russian name of our first “metal” band on Tongue & Groove Records WA. Byl zamechen… hail from Kharkiv, Ukraine AND Tongue & Groove Records Wa is extremely happy to be bringing their unique brand of spastic psychedelic doom hippie metal – as I call it – to the U.S.
Russia and the Ukraine continue to be hotbed of everything weird and rockin’ as is evidence two other T&G musical acts 1) Dao De Noize of Ukraine and 2) TillyRiddle of Russia. Still, Byl zamechen… is nothing like them.
Byl zamechen… is a force to be reckoned with, by far the heaviest release yet on Tongue & Groove Records WA… from the searing bass, which is really the focal point of the album, to the EW – Dopethrone singing-style singing; Byl zamechen… is heavy and uncompromising but….. maybe not as heavy as you think???
Iron Butterfly and Black Sabbath (1960’s BZ influences) are loved and listened to by all, are they not? Byl zamechen… show due respect for their psychedelic rock forefathers from the 1960’s. This is the modern era though and the 5 tracks (only 5?!) on It Just Gets Worse also show the influence of 90’s/and modern stoner rock acts Electric Wizard, Sleep and Acid Mother’s Temple.
The 5 tracks on It Just Gets Worse – the shortest of which clocks in at 9 minutes – take us on a wild ride through the SILENT KOSMOS of Byl zamechen(‘s)… universe. Within minutes we jump from the doomy stoner bass of ORBITS to the hippie chants of ENCRYPTED. Byl zamechen… jump through musical genres with ease, all the while retaining a natural flow to their sound that blends their seemingly infinite psychedelic musical epics into a cohesive unit.
In fact, I am amazed at how well the spastic nature of their sound works. This couldn’t be done with out the musical virtuoso of their 3 main members; Khleb on VOX, Amorth on Drums and IV on Bass. IV’s Bass is, without a doubt, the defining force of these 5 epic metal/hippie chants and like other bands led by Bass players adds to the unique compositional quality of this very musically talented group. Additional voices are provided by Elina and Vanya Ivan, Sax by Mykola Lebed and we do hear some keys throughout that must be played by KLHEB? I suppose.


T&G REVIEW: Hilrant – He Followed Me Home Mummy, Can I Keep Him?

Hilrant – He Followed Me Home Mummy, Can I Keep Him?


“IF you haven’t gotten the chance yet, do yourself a favor and check out the newest release by Paul Tilley, I.E. – “Hilrant” – He Followed Me Home Mummy, Can I Keep Him? You might have heard a few of the songs sprinkled around the internet… But the CD is a little harder to come by. Still, if enough of us badger Paul he might be forced into ripping some more CD’s for us! Tongue & Groove Records WA is a little late to the boat, but as a member of T&G, we feel Hilrant’s album still deserves a feature.

As always when riding through Hilrant’s universe, nothing is taken too seriously – be ready for Paul’s uniquely cynical but forward lyrical style. He Followed Me Home Mummy… is not like any other Hilrant release, though; The guitars spring forward abruptly on the album opener ‘God Is The Devil’ and this time around, we find, we are in for a uniquely loud and punk influenced Hilrant experience.

The cynicism of the second track – “Politics”, fits the year 2016 well, with our worldwide political upheaval. The sound is droney and lo-fi and Paul’s sneering vox come right out of the 80’s hardcore playbook and even though this hardcore/punk vibe appears to be new territory for Paul, he pulls it off with the ease of a natural; Really though, all of Paul’s music, lyrically and musically is informed by 70’s and 80’s punk. “Politics stink, society stinks” – Paul screams! Things don’t slow down with “Selfie”… which is what helps make the album so convincing – it feels like Paul’s been playing hardcore for years.

The album continues with the crawling but catchy “Here In The Silence” and the abruptly funky “Crash and Burn”, which you should know from the first Jared/Hilrant collab album – Though, it does feel a little out of place here, it functions just fine and puts Paul’s ever-present, sneering and highly unique vox on display. “Cambridge Rocks” was co-wrote with Anthony Akhurst and showcases a more contained and 90’s influenced heavy Hilrant rock.

Things get real experimental and funky on the title track (He Followed Me Home Mummy, Can I Keep Him?), an instrumental track, wherein Paul showcases his sharp but lumbering guitar. Paul is particularly inventive on his instrumental tracks and the title track is no exception. By the time we reach the track “I Can’t Give You Anything But…”, it’s hard to really know what’s going on. That is, of course, the power of Hilrant – genre-hopping is like breathing for Paul and though things on the album have generally continued in the heavy Hilrant rock realm, “I Can’t Give You Anything But…” really has to be heard to be believed – The fiery guitars springing from every direction, the plain but overly cocky lyrics and vocals, the funky backbeat. Completely unpredictable. The album closes with the respectable “Valentine’s Monster”, a cheeky and grinding song that would be satisfying on a Halloween night.

Tongue & Groove Records WA is currently looking at the possibility of reissuing some Hilrant Cd’s, of which He Followed Me Home Mummy, Can I Keep Him? would surely be included with it’s solid 80’s hardcore-esque first half, it’s unpredictably weird middle and of course, it’s cute ending.”

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T&G028: Jared Estes – At Mill Creek Motel

at-mill-creek-motel-front-cover at-mill-creek-motel-back-cover

First full-length solo album by Jared Estes. Following the 2014 EP Leper Messiah, At Mill Creek Motel is heavier, louder and exposes all that is T & G. Fusing the rock styles of Elephant-Colored Rocks and Insomnia Cafe with his previous release Leper Messiah, At Mill Creek Motel attempts to unite all that is Tongue & Groove Records Wa into a single album.

Read about it and listen for free on the Tongue & Groove Records WA homepage!

Here is the first song from the album SIX LONG MONTHS:

Tongue & Groove Radio Show Vol. 7 – September 7th, 2016


Vol. 7 of the Tongue & Groove Radio Show features the independent metal band Can Unlu (https://www.facebook.com/canunluband/?fref=ts), the song Citizen XXI from TillyRiddle’s newest album The Sand on Tongue & Groove Records WA and the epic ‘Hunger Strike’ by Estradasphere!!!

The Tongue & Groove Radio Show is brought to you by Tongue & Groove Records WA – tonguegrooverecordswa.blogspot.com

September 7th, 2016 PLAYLIST
1. Can Unlu – My Time
2. Pink Floyd – The Narrow Way, Pt. II
3. Koonda Holaa – Try To Find Me
4. Earth – Ouroboros is Broken
5. Estradasphere – Hunger Strike
6. Mills Brothers – Tiger Rag
7. Fantomas – Vendetta
8. TillyRiddle – Citizen XXI
9. Pink Floyd – The Narrow Way, Pt. III
10. Secret Chiefs 3 – Haga Sophia
11. Alice Coltrane – Universal Conciousness
12. Boris – Afterburner

NEW T&G Release – 027 – TillyRiddle, The Sand

The Sand - Front Cover
The Sand - Back Cover

Second full-length release from TillyRiddle (Russia) on the independent label Tongue & Groove Records WA out of Olympia, Wa. Lead by the enigmatic Ekaterina on vox and sax with Andrey Matveev on strings and more, TillyRiddle’s second full-length is bursting of jazzy blues jams.

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Watch the Music Video for ‘No More’ Here

Download the album here

Tongue & Groove Radio Show, Vol. 6 – August 3rd, 2016



The Tongue & Groove Radio Show is brought to you by Tongue & Groove Records WA – tonguegrooverecordswa.blogspot.com

August 3rd, 2016 PLAYLIST

Alberto Mancinelli – Chiedi
Tom Hedrick – Crossing The Alamo
Marin Gale & UltraVioletCappuccino – Tornado
Below The Salt – Drip Drop
Sour Mash Hug Band – Yiddish Blues
Woody Guthrie – Talkin’ Dust Bowl Blues
Fernando Garcin – El Norte
Hilrant – Answer Phone
Lo-Fi Fun Factory – Getting Away With It
Koerner, Ray & Glover – Hangman
Fernando Garcin – Parte Del Tiempo
Marin Gale – Lavender Fields
Elephant Colored Rocks – Tackle & Trim

Elephant Colored Rocks 2 [EP]


2nd EP of psychedelic rock and heavy goodness from Elephant Colored Rocks on Tongue & Groove Records WA!!!

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025 – Paranormal Bouquet – Self-Portrait


Front Cover PB2

Back Cover PB2

NEW RELEASE on Tongue & Groove Records WA Paranormal Bouquet – Self-Portrait T&G025, the second full-length release of mental indulgence from Paranormal Bouquet here: http://tonguegrooverecordswa.blogspot.com/2016/06/025-paranormal-bouquet-self-portrait.html

All Sounds and Artwork by Paranormal Bouquet and copyright JaredJEstes Music, all rights reserved.